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A Chic Vogue-Inspired Wedding

Invitations, venues, styling, the guest list and the dress; there’s a lot to organise when planning a wedding!

Invitations, venues, styling, the guest list and the dress; there’s a lot to organise when planning a wedding! Ensuring all is in style with your vision can be challenging. Vogue-style weddings require attentive planning including the selection of the right venue. At Luminare we’re known for light up events in love and life, with striking views of both the city and the bay, trendsetters love the space the moment they enter. Our Magic Makers can’t help but notice the trending elements of a chic inspired wedding. 

Chic elements that will lift the occasion:

– Make a statement in an understated way
Modern trends have been leaning toward eco-friendly and minimalistic styling for quite some time now, so keep things simply beautiful. Think less is more with chic styling by choosing a  limited colour palette and giving thought to the details of the styling. Create styling that keeps attention on the important thing, the love of the bride and groom.

– Delicate lighting
The appropriate selection of lights including candles, decorative lights, overhead lights and table lights can enhance the ambience of a wedding. Dimly and warmly lit spaces create a romantic mystique and are a common element of the modern wedding.

– Hashtags #forever
Having a hashtag for your wedding is not only popular, in our digital age it’s a great way to chase down photos from family and friends that were taken on the day. Simple hashtags like #MrandMrs*name* or #namewedding do well – or take it a bit further. Some more unusual wedding hashtags are #PutARingOnIt, #ISaidYesToTheBest and #MrsHasANiceRingToIt. We love a unique wedding hashtag #justsayin.

– Chose a venue with a wow-factor
Whether this be the view, natural furnishes and finishings, stained glass windows, artwork or other draw cards; chic weddings are those that have given thought to every aspect of the day, and the venue is an important factor. Sometimes a venue itself can set the style and tone of a wedding. The Grand Ballroom of Myer Mural Hall for example has remarkable large historic murals adorning the walls, making it the perfect venue for cultural and classic weddings. Ormond Collective has a charming chapel for an intimate ceremony and The Glasshouse offers a modern and sophisticated architecture – all venues lend themselves to different types of weddings and provide a unique experience. Explore all venues here, see why the views Luminare offers are its most loved aspect.

What we are seeing less of in the modern wedding:

– The long train and short veil
The seven foot train hanging from the bride is becoming less of a sight these days, with modern brides opting for a shorter train paired with a longer veil! We love this look and on a practical level, bridesmaids can rejoice knowing your duties of chasing the very long trains (ensuring it doesn’t get caught or snagged) is a thing of the past – and all attention on the veil, an easier task – so we’re told.

– Once-off favours
Chic and vogue inspired weddings are thoughtful in every way, even down to the details in the keepsakes made for guests. Examples of popular favours include small plants, boutique oils or personalised creams. We’ve seen a trend towards environmentally-friendly gifts, olive oils, handmade tea blends, styled champagne flutes and lovely cocoa mixes. Favours that are useful and enjoyable for your guests long after your special day are becoming very popular.

– All the colours
Style me pretty in pink, orange, purple, yellow, and blue; leave the rainbow colour palette to the skies and style with only a few colour choices for a modern look. Having a white palette with a few additional colours works well and with expert styling, it can really make for a very visually appealing aesthetic. To ensure your event is picture perfect, the creatives at The Big Group Creative have an expert eye, and The Design Depot have boutique event hire props not found anywhere else. 

Wedding traditions that persist:

To garter or not to garter?
That is the question and while the traditional tossing and catching of the garter is considered good luck, although many modern brides are opting to skip this tradition. We love wedding fun and a good garter toss, we’d like to see more of it. 

Seeing the bride or groom before the wedding
While we’re fans of big surprises, we also love an event with good flow and momentum and many modern couples are opting to see each other before the ceremony. This is a very personal consideration, for some couples the ‘moment’ laying eyes on one another down the aisle is a significant event, others prefer to have their photos taken together before the ceremony.  Having photos done before the ceremony is a matter of personal choice, and following this process allows for a lovely uninterrupted flow from the ceremony to the reception.

Asking the Bride’s father for her hand
Nowadays many more couples are marrying at an older age and while it is traditional, more and more couples are opting not to do this. Traditionally it was done to show respect for the family. If it’s not possible to ask the Father, perhaps asking the Mother or the extended family would be a nice gesture? Food for thought if this is important for you and your partner.  

 A chic vogue-inspired wedding should be beautiful, thoughtful and elegant whilst celebrating your unique and treasured love. Following the above suggestions offers an understated elegance, an aspect present at every chic wedding. Let’s chat about the details of your special day, contact a Magic Maker today and share your wedding vision.

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