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Luminous moments. Striking events. Highlights and secrets behind the shine with our latest news. The vivid and varied Stories of Luminare. Time to shine.

A striking moment. A flash of joy. Electric feelings. Dance. Love. Life. The best events and memories are made from illuminated moments strung together. Unforgettable memories and stories are those that told time and again, long after the event is over.

Such moments can seem transitory or incidental, yet there is a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes into creating seamless events. Explore the hidden tips and tricks of all things event planning, organising and styling with our latest news.

The shimmering stories that happen within Luminare are not easily forgotten by those lucky enough to be a part of them. As for those who hear about them second-hand, well they often wish they were there as well – and it’s not hard to see why.

View the vivid experiences that happen at Luminare and you’ll understand why our sky-high venue is a favourite for corporate, wedding and private events.

For guests yet to visit, imagine happily ever-afters exchanged on top of the world, cocktail parties among the stars or grand corporate affairs with New York rooftop vibes; whatever the story, we know it’s an experience worth sharing.

If we’ve captured your interest, contact one of our Magic Makers today – they’re awaiting any chance to make light and love happen at Luminare.

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Discover the nitty gritty behind the shine of glossy events with our latest news.


View experiences to see how the light of Luminare is adapted to enhance different types of events.

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